Far East & Oceania 

Direct Presence with Labs and Factories

Geography and plant world of Asia astonishes with its vividness. Our direct presence in the region enriches our scientific and industrial know how in agriculture, tailored according to peculiarities of the area. 

 Asia is the most diverse region in terms of crops and geographies and it is also culturally rich.

As the agricultural sector continues to balance fast-paced modernization with tradition,we will continue to expand our Agro presence to supply crop protection product manufacturers with specialty surfactants (co-formulants).  We are also committed to dealers and farmers with tank mix products, like adjuvants to reduce spray drift from drones, or compatibility agents for complex mixtures.



Jl Tekno 5 Blok E 2A-B,
Jababeka Tekno Park,
Kawasan Industri Jababeka 3,
Desa Pasirgombong,
Kec Cikarang Utara,
West Java,
1730 Kab Bekasi Indonesia