Water Management 

The interaction between soil and water is strongly dependent from the soil characteristics.We have studied extensively these interactions and have developed specific systems that can accomplish this task.

Save Irrigation Water

Save Irrigation Water

Heavy soils rich in clay are repellent towards water. In fields with these characteristics water tends to run off or form puddles.

On the other end, soils rich in sand, tend to have a better uptake of the water, but at the same time are poor in maintaining it in the root areas. In these type of soils water tend to percolate quickly in the water table, leaching nutrients and basically being not available for the plant.

Silty soils have a intermediate behavior between clay and sand.

The most versatile product for sandy and silty soils is Lamfix PX 05. We tested the product in very different soil types and found consistent increase in crop yield.

At the same time Lamfix PX02 is the product that we suggest for soils very rich in clay.

The use of irrigation water optimizers helps maintaining the productivity of the field during droughts, and improves the yield in years that do not have limitations to irrigation by reducing the leaching of nutrients  and increasing the time during which plants feed.

If you would like to know more about the product and its ability to mediate the interaction between soil and water, just take a look at the resources below.


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