Water Management 

Irrigation uses 7.4 trillion liters of water every day, that is like covering China in 29 cm of water every year

More with Less

More with Less

Agriculture is responsible for 70% of  fresh water consumption, as most of the water used in irrigation runs off on the soil or percolates into the underground water table. Hydraulic and mechanical equipment can help in dispensing the water more carefully and can reduce our dependency from this scarce resource. 

The last mile of this technological effort is to mediate the water-soil chemical interactions through systems that improve the penetration and the retention of the water in the root areas, helping plant hydration as well as nutrition. We have developed sustainable solutions for this application, that improve health and productivity of the fields, respecting the plants, the soil and the water.

Field trials in multiple countries and climate zones have confirmed the  performance of our solution on a considerable variety of crops.

Including our Lamfix PX 05 in your cultivation protocols, will result in higher yields, lower water consumption per ton of harvest and an increase in yield that pays the cost of the product and remunerates the farmer.

Lamfix PX 05 offers the possibility of maintaining the productivity of the field during droughts, improves the resilience of farming operations and reduces the impact of climate change on sustainability of agriculture.

If you would like to know more about the product and its ability to mediate the interaction between soil and water, please consult also the resources available in the section “applied science”.