Modern Dispersions 

The dream of a farmer is to never have to treat the field.
Technology has to reduce the impact of treatments on the environment.

Water as a carrier

Water as a carrier

Water Dispersion technologies were adopted to eliminate the use of aromatic solvents to formulate lipophilic active ingredients. Dispersions presented some additional challenges, but also opened to the opportunity of having multiple active ingredients in the same formulation reducing the frequency of treatments and curing deeper and faster by attacking the pests with multiple modes of action.

On the other end, to have mulltiple components, each in a significative quantity, increases the total concentration of solids and challenges the knowledge of the formulator.

In addition active ingredients in solid form have limited mobility that relies on solid-solid diffusion through the leaves cuticular wax that protects the plant from excessive transpiration. It is possible to overcome this bottleneck by adding surfactants or vegetable oil in the formulation to partially solubilize the active ingredient and swell or temporarily dissolve the waxy cuticule. In some case all the water is replaced by these adjuvants. This formulation strategy increases greatly  the diffusion and the absorption of the active material, but requires additional tools and knowledge to be stabilized.


Specific Solutions

Specific Solutions

When farmers use the products often they mix in some nutrients, in general salts of N, P, and K or microelements, to boost plant growth and help crops be healthier. Soluble salts increase the ionic strength of the spray mix, destroying the electrostatic stabilization of the suspension and generating a salting out effect.

We have accumulated a vast experience in formulating suspensions in water and oil and have also created specific additives solve even the most difficult situation. Take a look at the resources below, to find inspiration for your next project.


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