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 Webinars to stay updated with formulation technology 

Stay tuned: we are preparing a third webinar dedicated to the Dispersions in Vegetable Oils and Methyl-esters.

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To continue helping our customer’s technical teams in solving most of the challenges when confronted with formulations aligned with the latest market trends, we have prepared and ran a series of webinars under the name Agriculture.Webinars.

The first of the series was on the formulation of minerals and biologicals, a field where the traditional formulation additive package might not always be enough, owing to the fact that these “new” active ingredients, either protective or nutritive, have very different behaviour or requirements than traditional crop protection products. This webinar was held between June and July 2020 and can be replayed upon request: in addition our “Center of Expertise in Green Agriculture”, that prepared the webinar is available to help you with advice and support for these type of formulations.

The second webinar was on the formulation of modern water based suspensions, and reviews the theory of suspension and how to apply it in the design of complex suspensions that might include multiple active ingredients, with high total solid loads and that occasionally incorporate an adjuvant. This webinar, that was held in September 2020, was prepared by our Central R&D lab in Italy, responsible for the design of the new super dispersing agents.

We are now preparing a third webinar that will be dedicated to the dispersions in vegetable oils and methyl-esters, therefore stay tuned and contact our local sales managers to know more or to replay any of our previous webinars or if you would like assistance in the design of these type of formulations.