Agriculture Connective Hub 

Getting deeper in the formulation of crop protection and crop nutrition products

We believe in a scientific approach to develop new solutions and invest resources to study topics throughout the whole line, from the theoretical aspects down to the results of the application by the customers of our customers.

After having accumulated knowledge and experience in some fields of Agriculture and Agrochemistry, we decided to share this knowledge with our partners in an environment more open and general than the usual one to one meetings.

That is why we have started preparing and broadcasting webinars and this is also the reason behind the section “Applied Science” of the web site.

The name “Applied Science” aims to reflect our product development process that is based on the application of the scientific method. We use the same approach to evaluate the products resulting from this discovery activity and that yield, in the application for which they were designed, scientifically measurable results with a scientific reproducibility.

We are introducing the first part of the work, that focuses on the formulation of crop protection and crop nutrition products with three modules:

  • Modern Dispersions contains webinar and presentations that provides insights of the evolution of Suspension Concentrates and explains how our tools can simplify the design and manufacturing of formulations of growing complexity.
  • In-can Adjuvants in which a presentation illustrates a new, cost effective and green chemistry to improve the sustainability of formulations of Glyphosate.
  • Green Agriculture recapitulates the possible formulations of Minerals and Biologicals according to their composition and illustrates innovative tools that we have designed for simplifying the efforts of improving the environmental footprint of agriculture.

This is a first start: other materials will follow to cover fields such as seeds, irrigation and spray optimization for drones.

This is only the beginning.

We would like to transform this section into a connective hub to enrich the work we do together.