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Intact® - Drift Reduction Agent for Drone Spraying

The massive use of drones to spray pesticides has put in evidence potential problems that were not there in traditional spraying.In particular aerial spraying is very sensitive to wind conditions.

The big challenge is to reach the right target avoiding to spray undesired products on neighboring fields. It is estimated that when the right anti-drift and nozzles aren’t used,  30-50% of the investment in crop protection is wasted by not reaching its intended target.

An important point is that drift isn’t what you can see during an application, but what you cannot see. Visual estimates of off-target movement of spray particles are not an accurate representation of the actual drift that is occurring.

Intact® is a stand-alone drift reduction and deposition aid technology. Intact can be used alone or in combination with water conditioning agents and other adjuvants to help maximize on-target performance.

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