New Global Nomenclature for a growing business 

By the 1st of June a easy way to find our products

7 Keywoards to guide our clients

In its continuing effort to streamline the customer experience, Lamberti has developed a systematic nomenclature for the products offered by the Agriculture Division.  The new nomenclature will be effective on June 1, 2021 for all world regions.  The systematic approach introduces seven (7) Global Tradenames associated with particular functions and product categories. 

All current and future products of Lamberti’s global portfolio will be given one of the key global tradenames to differentiate our products by function.  Adoption of the new nomenclature is intended to ease the product selection and registration process for those users wishing to register global products with the same ingredients worldwide. 

With the implementation of the new nomenclature, we hope our customers will have a much improved experience with finding, using and applying our products”, states Ciro Ruggiero Global Director Agriculture Division. 

In the coming months along with the new nomenclature is new documentation for the products.  Our team is hard at work preparing new SDS and Technical Data Sheets with the corresponding new names.  By June 1, 2021 customers will be able to access all the exciting changes on our website or through your Lamberti Account Manager.  Thank you for your continuing business with Lamberti and stay tuned for more updates.

7 Keywoards to guide our clients