New solid super-dispersing agent for WDG 

Our Polymeric Surfactants specifically designed to simplify the work of formulation scientists.

Simplify your product design and manufacturing

Suspension in water and suspo-emulsions accound for around 20% of the production of crop protection products. If we add dispersible granules, that are precursors of a suspension in water, the total is around 25%.

The advantages of suspensions in water are the possibility to achieve higher concentrations and to include more than one active ingredients in the same formulation to obtain a product that can count on multiple mode of actions.

However, suspensions with high concentration or multiple active ingredients are difficult to design and scale up with traditional dispersing agents.

This is why we have created a series of Polymeric Surfactants specifically designed to simplify the work of formulation scientists.

Envi-Pol ® 871 is a superdispersing agent to formulate suspensions of very high load and milling multiple active ingredients in a single operation.

Envi-Pol ® 3010 is a superdispersing agent for partially water solube ionic salts of organic or mineral origin. It has a very high tolerance to ionic strength and can be included in a formulation to increase its tank mix compatibility with soluble fertilizers.

Emulson ® AG TRN 14105 is a crystal growth inhibitor that prevents the reagglomeration and recrystallization of particles after milling, ensuring optimal viscosity in the mill and longer stability and shelf life.

Envi-Pol ® 5130 is a superdispersing agent for granules formulation with superior dispersing properties, brilliant white color and able to confer excellent mechanical properties to the granule, without impairing its ability to disgregate in the spray tank.

If you want more information on their properties and examples of formulation, please, ask your local Lamberti contact or send us an email from the contact page of this web site.